Jun 3, 2015

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What Is Your Car Telling You?

What Is Your Car Telling You?

When you need car engine repair in Minneapolis there will likely be a few telltale signs that your car needs your help. Engine repair can range from some minor tweaks to complete replacements but they typically all start with similar signs. Knowing what to know for can help you get the repairs done that you need before the damage starts to mount up. Ignoring the hints that your car or truck are giving you will not make the need for repairs disappear as a matter of fact things will get worst.

Once you know what signs to look for you can act quickly to get your car engine repair in Minneapolis and minimize the damage. The quicker you act the better off you will be.


Your car can tell you everything you need to know about it if you learn to listen for the communication that it is sending out to you. It is not normal for a car to:

  • Tap
  • Bang
  • Ping
  • Rumble

If your car is tapping it could mean that you need some car engine repairs. If it bangs, putters, coughs and stalls it is also a sign that something is not quite right and you need to get some help. You may also hear a tinny pinging noise. Your car should also not make low rumbling noises.


Do you notice any black soot by your muffler? Look to see if your oil level is low or if the oil looks black. Look to see if there is moisture dripping out of your muffler. Check your oil regularly to see if it looks milky, burnt or if your dip stick to check your oil is burnt. Is there an unusual amount of smoke coming out of the exhaust? Look to see if your warning indicators have come on.

If you notice any of these things with a visual check than you need to get a professional to take a look and let you know what is going on.


If you smell something burning or you smell radiator fluid you may want to take your car or truck into the shop to get looked at. Many times you cannot hear or see something wrong with your engine but you can smell it. As a matter of fact many times before the noises start or the visual issues begin you may smell something strange when you run your vehicle.

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