Mar 21, 2014

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What is Ultrasound Testing in Gainesville?

One of the most exciting times in a woman’s life is when she is pregnant. The time awaiting the birth of the child is a great anticipated moment. Yet, there are a number of medical tests that will be required by the pregnant mother, and it is ideal to visit a Gainesville OBGYN to have this testing completed.

The Ultrasound

It is common for pregnant women to have an ultrasound completed at various intervals during the pregnancy. The ultrasound has a hearing wave that is on the upper end of the frequency a human may hear. The use of ultrasound imaging is used to view the pregnant woman’s baby.

The ultrasound is used in a number of circumstances and commonly used to detect abnormalities during pregnancy or hard to see flaws. This is a preferred method to view hos a baby is growing and if the growth is normal.

By use of the ultrasound during various stages of pregnancy the fetus may be viewed. This will allow the OBGYN to determine the gender of the baby at the appropriate time.

Preparation for an Ultrasound

The preparation for the ultrasound is minimal for the pregnant woman. It is recommended for this patient to drink four to six classes of water an hour or two before the visit.

This will allow the bladder to be full and will provide a clearer image of the fetus. The filled bladder will remove air-filled bowel loops and this will allow in a much clearer view of the baby.

The Risks of an Ultrasound

Fortunately, for the pregnant woman there aren’t any risks to having the ultrasound done. Due to the advancement in technology this is an easy process that can be done while allowing the patient to be comfortable, as well.

Finally, it is important when having ultrasound testing in Gainesville completed to be certain you receive the results. Many doctors will talk to you when having the ultrasound done and will allow you to view the fetus when the imaging is being done. Consult with your doctor to see if this can be arranged for you.

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