Apr 23, 2013

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What is tinted auto glass?

Glass that is used in homes, buildings, vehicles and public transport has the distinct advantage of being transparent, letting in the light. This is ideal if this is what you want, but obviously clear glass gives no privacy nor does it have much positive effect on stopping the heat and UV rays. Auto tint service in Connecticut solves these problems in vehicles; the tint film can just as easily be applied to the flat windows in your home or any other building.

Tinted glass is glass which has been treated with a material which will keep out light and the effects of the sun. The most often used way to tint glass is to apply a micro thin layer of polyester film that has been treated to stop the transmission of light. The auto tint in Connecticut can block or reflect different amounts of light depending on the consumer and state laws.

Car tinting is popular:

A very common application for tinting is automobile windows. Most cars have a tint strip across the top of the windshield which reduces glare considerably when the sun is setting and driving into it. Other than this strip, most cars are tinted as an after-market process, either done by the car dealer or an independent company which specializes in the application of Auto tint in Connecticut. Tint is commonly provided to fight off the effects of the sun as well as providing privacy in the car.

Depending on which state you live in, there will be different laws that apply to window tint. The law is especially strict when it comes to the windshield. The limits on the degree of tint are in place so that the occupants can be identifies by the authorities as well as allowing motorists to see through the window of the vehicle in front of you to spot unseen hazards. The auto tint in Connecticut is different than other states, but each state specifies minimum allowable light transmission for private cars and other private vehicles. The windshield and the front side windows usually are only allowed a light tint compared to the other windows in the car.

Other uses:

The same material that is used as an auto tint in Connecticut can be applied to the windows of homes and commercial shops. Installing tint on flat glass is simple compared to installing the film on the complex curves of a car’s front and rear window. In many cases, the homeowner will apply the tint as a DIY project. When the windows in your home are tinted, the same value applies. The window reflects the heat of the sun and the UV rays as well as providing privacy. By reflecting the sun’s rays, the furnishings and carpets in the home will last considerably longer.


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