Jun 5, 2015

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What is the Value of Memorial Services?

What is the Value of Memorial Services?

Not everyone is comfortable with the idea of planning or attending Memorial services. In fact, some people have such an aversion to these types of events that they will instruct loved ones to not arrange a service after they pass away. Proceed with the burial or cremation and then call it a day. Before settling on this type of end of life planning, take the time to consider why a memorial service can be important to those who are left behind.

A Chance to Say Goodbye

Losing a loved one leaves quite a void. For many, it is hard to accept the death during those first few months. The ability to attend a memorial service provides the opportunity to come to grips with the reality of the passing and say goodbye. When a traditional burial is chosen, the mourners have the opportunity to view the body and allow the reality of the loss to sink in. Even if the body is cremated prior to the service, gathering together and seeing the urn on display with a picture of the deceased will provide the chance to start coming to grips with the loss.

Giving and Receiving Comfort

When someone passes away, family and friends are hurting deeply. Memorial services provide the chance for all those people to come together and comfort one another during a difficult time. Being gathered with others who had a connection to the recently deceased makes it easier to understand the impact the person had on so many people. Before, during, and after the service, there is the chance to offer hugs, kind words, and other forms of comfort to one another. Those actions can go a long way in aiding the process of grieving.

Celebrating the Life of the Deceased

A memorial service is also a chance for people to come together and celebrate the life of their loved one. It is becoming more common for people to share anecdotes about the departed as part of the service. This approach helps to conjure up warm memories that provide a little respite from the grief. While still mourning the passing, people often find some sense of balance and know that they can still carry warm memories of the deceased in their hearts.

For help with end of life arrangements, contact the team at Ocean County Cremation Service. Doing so will be a last way to help comfort those who will mourn the loss.

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