May 5, 2014

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What is the value of an anti-reflective coating for my glasses?

Anti reflective coatings for glass serve a host of purposes but there are a couple of drawbacks as well. Whether or not you have you glasses coated for anti-reflection is highly judgmental and the decision should be made once you have weighed the various pros and cons.

Many people find that anti reflective Coatings For Glass to be quite helpful when having to drive at night. Many people who wear corrective lenses find that night driving has tendency to create a halo effect around the headlights of oncoming vehicles as well as street lights. An anti reflective coating on the lenses of your glasses will eliminate this halo effect and makes night driving more pleasurable with fewer distractions.

For those people who spend a lot of time in front of a computer monitor, anti reflective coatings on your glasses can be quite beneficial. Sitting in front of a computer for hours on end can result in eye strain because the eye muscles work continuously to view certain areas on the monitor and fight the glare. Those who suffer from eye strain will know the symptoms; blurry vision, dry eyes and considerable irritation. Anti reflective coatings for glass reduces the reflection, thereby reducing eye strain which in turn makes it possible to work for more hours in front of the computer with little difficulty or problems.

It is not only people who work with computers all day that can suffer eye strain. If you spend a lot of time in a room with poor lighting this too can lead to eye strain. Regardless of the circumstances, eye strain can be reduced considerably if your glasses have an anti reflective coating.

When a person who wears glasses that are not anti reflective has his or her photo taken outdoors, the results are usually images that the surrounding images are reflected from the glasses, blocking a view to the wearer’s eyes. In photos this is certainly not desirable, anti reflective glasses will eliminate this and the result is that your eyes will be seen in the picture.

The only real downside to having anti reflective coatings for glass is that there is a tendency for them to pick up finger prints and airborne dirt easier. This results in having to clean the glasses more often which can be a disruption.

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