May 7, 2015

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What is the Relationship Between Anxiety, Depression and Chronic Pain in Honolulu?

What is the Relationship Between Anxiety, Depression and Chronic Pain in Honolulu?

People with chronic pain know exactly what it means to get up, live and sleep with pain that disappears and reappears from one minute to the next. That is why chronic pain in Honolulu causes different disorders like stress, depression, anxiety, insomnia, difficulty concentrating, memory loss, and so on. Besides, these symptoms can occur more and more since it is a constant pain. Chronic pain also involves psychological effects including low self-esteem, fear, uncertainty about the future, etc.

To an extent, chronic pain, anxiety and depression make up the most vicious circle of the century. An investigation by Wayne State University, published on June 24, 2009 concluded that approximately 35% of people suffering from chronic pain also suffered from depression. The magazine “Insight” published the study “Chiropractic Treatment for Emotional Balance”, which clarified the benefits of chiropractic medicine for anxiety and depression. Depression and anxiety affect the spine causing muscle tension, headaches, migraines, dizziness and back pain, which are precisely the symptoms experienced by patients who go to a chiropractor.

Chiropractic adjustments offer a natural solution for depression, without having to rely on pills and avoiding the negative consequences that bring long-term chemical treatments. A setting, which is the term used when a Chiropractor returns the spine to its normal position, helps restore the nervous system by balancing the production of certain neurotransmitters that imbalance can cause depression. This helps improve imbalances in the endocrine system so that the body is working properly again. Patients who suffer from chronic pain go to the chiropractor to prevent depression and backaches. Each case is studied individually, and that allows the patient to improve their quality of life without falling into depression while muscle pain is alleviated.

The first thing to do, when you are in pain, is visit a chiropractor, change your diet, stop smoking, decrease alcohol consumption, spend more time outdoors, meditate, go for a run, etc. Above all, do not forget to surround yourself with friends and family. Chronic Pain in Honolulu, anxiety and depression is no problem for a Chiropractor. To learn more about chronic pain and other types of chiropractic issues, visit website or call your local specialist today.

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