Aug 14, 2014

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What is the price of Heating Oil in Norwich CT?

Heating Oil in Norwich CT is used in furnaces to heat residential and commercial buildings. Residential heating oil, which is also referred to as number two fuel oil, is closely related to jet fuel and kerosene, as it is a middle distillate. Heating oil is considered a distillate fuel oil and only comes second to gasoline as the most used liquid fuel. It is delivered to people’s home using a truck and stored in underground storage tanks.

Factors affecting the price

The price of the heating oil rises in winter when demand rises. Therefore, most people prefer to have their tanks filled in early fall or summer when prices are more favorable. Unfortunately, most homes do not large enough tanks to store enough oil to last them to the end of winter. Other factors affecting the price of Heating Oil in Norwich CT include:

*   The cost of crude oil. This may be influenced by the global prices, competition between oil dealers and operational costs in a region.

*   Alternative fuel sources such as wood. Biodiesel and corn pellets are being sought as alternative sources of fuel.

Weatherproofing your home is a sure way of keeping the heating costs down during winter. You can ensure that your doors and windows are close-fitting. You can also install weather stripping around the doors and windows to get rid of drafts. It may also help to have solar systems. There are heating oil suppliers who allow their customers to spread their heating oil payments throughout the year. This enables them to avoid the shock of paying extremely high utility bills during the winter months and only a small amount during the summer. Turning down your thermostat when out of the house and wearing more protective clothing when at home will also lower your heating costs.

In most homes, heating makes a huge percentage of the monthly budget. If you rely on oil to heat your home in the winter, you will definitely be concerned about the cost. The price goes up depending on the variables highlighted in this article. For information on how to get the best deal on heating oil, you could check here.

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