Jan 9, 2014

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What Is The Meaning Of Truck Wraps Bronx?

Truck Wraps Bronx is yet another example of this day and age’s love of mangling our language to suit perceived advertising needs. We all know what a truck is; but, what would the expanded phrase “a truck wraps The Bronx” mean – probably nothing. It starts to make more sense if we talk about “a wrapped truck driving through The Bronx”; all we have to decipher now is whether or not the truck is wrapped up like a parcel?

Cutting Through The Jargon

A problem with trade jargon is that; those in the trade know exactly what it means; but, those outside (which often includes prospective customers) have little knowledge of what it is that someone is trying to sell to them. Truck Wraps Bronx is a typical example of this. What we are being asked to buy is a mobile form of advertising for our (usually retail) business. If we deliver products to our customers, we usually have some sort of delivery truck; be it a pick up or a panel truck.

Advertise On The Sides & Back Of Your Delivery Truck

We can simply purchase our delivery truck; hire a driver and, maybe a helper; then send them out on the road to take goods to our customers. However, in that case, the customer cannot see in advance who is calling on him; therefore, we will usually have our trading name emblazoned somewhere on the truck. Not only does this identify who is making a delivery but it also gives anyone along the trucks route a chance to see our name.

A Picture Can Say A Thousand Words

If, to accompany the business name on your truck, you were also to include a product picture or meaningful logo; then, anyone seeing the truck can have two thoughts – “Ah, brand “X” thingies, I like them; good to see that I can buy them at “Y’s” store”. This could be all it takes to win you a new customer.

Achieving this with a custom paint job may well be beyond your budget and this is where Truck Wraps Bronx enters the picture. In today’s printing world, it is relatively easy to design fantastic pictures and logos on computers and then have them printed out in large size format – even “one off” prints are not necessarily expensive. Furthermore, the print does not have to be on paper; it can be printed onto an adhesive backed plastic film which can then be adhered directly onto the body work of your delivery truck. You can have printed graphics and lettering to apply to smaller areas of the truck; or the graphics, etc can be printed out onto a self adhesive sheet(s) large enough to cover the whole truck body –literally to wrap the truck.

Truck Wraps For Bronx and other areas of New York State are available from Chief Signs LLC; everything from decals to full wraps. Give them a call on (516) 883-SIGN (7446) for a free estimate.

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