What is the Best Season for Buying a Condo?

If you are looking at condos on the Upper West Side for the first time, then you might have a ton of questions as to what is the best options and what the best season for buying a condo is. Of course, you can buy in whatever season you want, but sometimes of years are better than others. With that being said, read on below for some tips on when the best time to buy a condo in New York is.


When the flowers start to bloom, and the birds start to sing brightly, you will see for sale signs starting to pop up in yards and in front of condos on the Upper West Side quite regularly. This time of year is very popular for selling and buying condos because the weather is warm after a long cold winter and everyone’s thoughts are turning to bright beginnings. You can expect lots of inventory as there will be plenty of condos going up for sale, the prices may seem to be a little expensive, because many people will price higher in the spring, and the competition for homes will be lukewarm as people know the selling and buying season is just beginning.


During the long summer days, the market is still pretty much as it was in the spring. The prices should be a little lower since the selling season is underway, the availability of condos will still be high as new listings will pop up on pretty much a daily basis. The competition for these condos will be heating up because the fall and winter are coming and many people want to be settled into their condos before the kids go back to school and the holiday season begins.

These are the best two seasons to buy condos in. Winter and fall can make for messy moves and cold condo hunting. For more information, contact 221 West 77 today.

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