Sep 6, 2016

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What is That Smell? Smells from Ducts!

What is That Smell? Smells from Ducts!

Your house is nice and clean but it still smells “funny”, smells from ducts can do that! A lot of property owners do not look to their duct work when there is an odor permeating the property. They clean, spray deodorizers, burn candles and take all kinds of other steps except look to their duct work for the problem. Even new duct work can take on strange odors if they are not cleaned periodically.

What Is that Smell?

There are a few different odors you may notice that can be attributed to your duct work:

  • Musty damp smells
  • Decomposing odors (they may be faint)
  • Other unpleasant odors


Musty damp odors can come from mold, mildew and even moisture build up in your ductwork. Decomposing odors do not have to come from decomposing animals or anything else that is extreme it can come from leaves, grass clipping and other natural materials that have made their way into the duct work.

It does not take much to really get the smell brewing in your duct work. The worst part is that there is no way to get rid of the smell if it is coming from your duct work on your own, you have to call in a professional. The good news is that it can be very cost effective to call in a professional. There is a professional solution that is available that can fully restore your ductwork!

Get Your Space Really Clean

There is a product that can get your ductwork clean and restore that “new home” smell to your property. The process does not require ripping out your old ductwork. It does not require that the ductwork is moved, it can be done while you are at home, it does not require that you stay somewhere else. It is an easy solution for finally getting that smell out of your home. Duct Armor has the answer!

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