Dec 18, 2014

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What Is Social Security Disability Insurance?

When the primary breadwinner finds himself or herself disabled there is bound to be serious financial difficulties for the family. Social Security disability benefits can help to lessen this financial burden, these benefits are provided as a form of safety net through a federal government program.

Disability, either physical or mental is the last thing that is on the mind of people who are healthy but unfortunately the chances of becoming disabled are considerably greater than one might think. Statistically, records at the SSA show that a full 30 percent of the working population becomes disabled before they reach the age of retirement. It is the federal government that provides the benefits but it is up to the disabled individual to make the application and to ensure that the applicant has the best chance of approval; it is recommended that they work with a disability attorney in Southern California.

The Social Security Administration, SSA has two programs; SSDI and SSI. There are no benefits available to those who are only partially disabled or completely disabled but only for a short time, to claim benefits the applicant must be completely disabled and the condition has been diagnosed as long term.

SSDI – Social Security Disability Insurance:

SSDI is available to applicants who are anticipated to be unable to work for at least one year. To receive SSDI the applicant must suffer from a physical or mental disability so acute that they cannot work. As well as the need to prove this, the worker must have been doing a job where Social Security payroll taxes were withheld for the appropriate length of time. As you can readily see the entire application process can be extremely complex and it is recommended that the individual use a disability attorney in Southern California who is intimate with the requirements imposed by the SSA.

SSI – Supplemental Security Income:

SSI pays out based on financial need, this benefit is intended for those who are old, blind or disabled and have little or no means of financial support. Although the benefits are not as great as those granted by SSDI they do offer some support to those who have limited resources or a very low income. The money for SSI comes from the general federal tax and is not based on contributions made while working but it is enough to cover basic needs such as shelter and food.

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