What is Included in Maid Services in College Station, TX?

House cleaning can be challenging for people with tight schedules and who aren’t healthy enough to clean a home. For this reason, it’s better to hire maid services in College Station, TX, to make sure maids clean up everything properly. However, before you hire a maid, you must know what’s usually included in the service.


Dusting is usually the first step of cleaning, and whichever maid you hire, is likely to dust the home. For this purpose, they come with microfiber cloths to pick up the smallest dust particles, so you don’t struggle with any allergies. The best thing about maid services in College Station, TX, is that they dust the ceiling fans as well as the wall trims.

Mopping & Vacuuming

Mopping and vacuuming are included in nearly every cleaning package. The maids tend to vacuum the floors first because it can be hard and time-consuming. In addition, they also offer sweeping in case of hard-surfaced floors but make sure to ask if they will bring their own broom. After they are done cleaning the floors, the floors are mopped.


Dishwashing is also common in every cleaning package, particularly if it includes kitchen cleaning. If kitchen cleaning is a part of the cleaning package, they will wash the dishes, clean the floor, and wipe the counter. However, it doesn’t include deep-cleaning of dishwashers and refrigerators. In case you want these appliances deep-cleaned, you will have to opt for a premium package.

Garbage Removal

Once they clean everything, the maids are likely to remove garbage from the home and dump everything in a trash can.

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