Jun 18, 2013

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What is Ethernet and how does it affect networking

Ethernet is a protocol; it is standard for communications between computer devices which are on a LAN, local area network. After Ethernet was developed and launched in the early 1970s it rapidly became the standard model for local area networks worldwide.

Networking solutions in Knoxville consist of a number of unique components:

  • At least two computers that are hooked together
  • An interface card for each computer in the network
  • An Ethernet cable that connects to each computer
  • A router or any device that can direct the network traffic
  • Software to make it work

Wired Ethernet systems are still being used to a great extent in larger networks, however smaller networks are now tending to migrate to wireless networks which eliminate the need for cables.

A network interface card, NIC, is installed in every computer that is part of the network; each computer is then assigned a unique address. A cable is installed which connects each LAN card back to a hub, switch or router, depending on the size of the network. These devices are all performing a similar function although they do it differently. The hub, switch or router handles all the network traffic; it receives packets of data from one source and sends the packet to another computer. This network is ideal as it allows for all users on the network to share data, as well as peripherals such as printers and scanners.

When network solutions Knoxville area install the system using wireless technology, thereby eliminating all the LAN cables, the packets are delivered using radio waves. Rather than a LAN card, wireless network components use antennae; there is little doubt that wireless networks are much simpler to set up, however, the security of wireless is more of a concern as the data can be intercepted by other equipment.

There are alternative technologies that are being used, one such is called “token ring,” a protocol developed by IBM. ATM is a reasonably new technology that allows all the various components in the network to be connected over vast distances, hence creating a WAN, wide area network that behaves as if it was a LAN. With all the derivatives, it is still hard to beat an Ethernet for installations within a building.

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