Aug 5, 2014

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What is custom plastic injection molding?

Custom molded plastics are parts and components that are produced against a customized design and accompanying specification, the service is one offered by many companies that are involved with plastic injection molding. The price of the component varies depending on the size of the part, the material and the volume but custom molded plastics is usually more expensive than using standard components.

The plastic injection molding process is one where heated plastic is forced into a mold which contains one or more cavities; the mold is identical to the finished component. The plastic cools, the mold opens and the component is ejected. With minimal secondary work, a little trimming and sanding is all that is required, the component is ready for use. Plastic injection molding is a cost efficient method of producing repetitive plastic components. When one job has been completed, the mold is replaced with another mold for the next job; the costly machinery can be used over and over with only mold changes. The plastic is delivered to the injection machines in pellet form, any color can be created simply by mixing different pellets colors.

Custom molded plastics start with a mold that has been produced by a skilled toolmaker, the mold is made for a specific purpose and depending on the volume of components that will be produced; the mold can either be single or multiple cavities. The customer not only provides the design, but also specifies the material characteristics which include the hardness and flexibility, tolerance to heat or cold as well as the color. In many cases a mockup of the mold is made using soft metal such as aluminum or brass; parts are made and subjected to quality control. When the component from the mockup mold is perfect, the mold is remade using high quality tool steel which will last for many thousands of impressions before it has to be reworked or remade. Custom molded plastics become progressively less expensive as the volume increases; the cost to produce the mold is the same whether it is used to produce one part or a million identical parts.

When seeking manufacturers of custom molded plastics it is always advisable to ask more than one for a proposal. This can help the customer identify manufacturers that specialize in similar components, they may be less expensive and of higher quality because the company is comfortable and familiar with the type of component.

Custom molded plastics are one of the services offered by Clack Corporation. The company produces mineral tanks, retention tanks, brine tanks and cabinets.

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