Nov 20, 2014

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What is corporate litigation?

Prescott corporate litigation is an integral part of business law; it involves the provision of legal counsel and representation to a company that is involved in a lawsuit. The plaintiff as well as the defendant in corporate litigation can be business partnerships or multi-national corporations and everything in-between, it can include the people who are employed by these business entities or owe them a fiduciary duty. Lawyers who are involved in Prescott corporate litigation are trial lawyers who can either defend a client or initiate civil lawsuits against them. The same lawyers are skilled negotiators; they are prepared to settle matters out of court by representing a client in dispute resolution or finding an agreeable settlement.

Some of the parties to Prescott corporate litigation are corporate executives or shareholders. Shareholders for example may find that they have to sue the directors of a company for a breach of the fiduciary duty that is owed to the corporation. Business partners may have a dispute over their partnership agreement or a corporation may sue another for breach of contract or fraud. In the event the corporation is acting as the defendant and they lose the case the plaintiff is limited to the assets of the corporation, the personal assets of the shareholders in the corporation are not a part of any settlement. This is not the case with other types of business entities where the personal assets of the owners or directors are not covered by this veil of protection.

A corporation may use a Prescott commercial litigation lawyer as an enforcement tool as well. It is quite common that businesses insist that their employees sign non-compete and non-disclosure agreements as part of their employment contract. In the case of a non-compete clause this simply means that the employee agrees not to join a competitor firm or to start their own competitive business for a specified period of time. In the event this clause is broken the business will have their Prescott commercial litigation lawyer enforce the agreement in court by filing a lawsuit on behalf of the injured party, the employer. Rarely are damages asked for in situations like this, the objective of the suit is to stop the violation of the agreement.

Disputes involving commercial real estate are often a contentious area of corporate litigation. Disputes can involve default on a lease, financing issues or buying and selling of commercial property. A corporation may have to have Huber Freeman Law help in evicting a tenant that fails to live up to the terms of the lease, the same lawyer might be called upon to help draft a standard lease as well.

If you are looking for attorneys that are seasoned in complex Prescott corporate litigation then you are invited to call uponĀ Freeman Huber Law PLLC.


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