Apr 25, 2014

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What is concrete flatwork?

Any concrete work which is done on a horizontal plane is considered to be concrete flatwork. The number of examples of concrete flatwork is immense but among them are patios, sidewalks, driveways and floors. Concrete contractors in Jacksonville FL that do flatwork may also do vertical surfaces such as curbs but rarely do the companies who specialize in concrete flatwork do walls or bridges or such structures. Flat and vertical concrete work both take unique skills, techniques and equipment and in the case of vertical work there will also be a need for substantial engineering involvement where this is rarely the case with flatwork unless it is unsupported concrete slab.

Concrete contractors in Jacksonville FL start the flatwork contract by first clearing the site and excavating the area where the concrete will eventually be poured. Depending on the circumstances and the sub soil it may be necessary to first lay a compacted base of sand or gravel for support, in some cases the concrete slab can be poured directly on the soil. To add strength and longevity to the flatwork, the contractor will lay reinforcing steel either in the form of a mesh or individual bars. In cases where the flatwork will not take extensive weight this step can be eliminated but if the slab will be subjected to loads or vehicular traffic then reinforcing is mandatory. Once the site is prepared the concrete is poured, worked flat and smooth and then allowed to harden and cure.

Concrete flatwork is not only new installations; these tasks also can include repair and maintenance of existing installations. Over time, concrete slabs, driveways, sidewalks, etc will crack; chip and perhaps edges will break away. These imperfections are unsightly but even more importantly; they pose a hazard to vehicles and pedestrians and may threaten the integrity of the structure. Concrete contractors in Jacksonville FL have special ways that they employ to repair concrete, if the damage is small the voids are filled with a special concrete caulk, if the damage is significant it is not unknown that the damaged area has to be dug up, the old concrete removed from the excavation and new concrete poured.

Although most concrete flatwork is toweled flat and smooth or textured if it is a roadway, the surfaces can also be stamped with special tools that give the concrete a unique patterned finish. This technique is often used for patios and walkways as the patterns can give the concrete the look of brick or stone.

Vallencourt, Inc. is a firm of concrete contractors in Jacksonville FL. For over 60 years the company has been doing concrete flatwork and concrete curbing for homes and businesses.

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