Jun 12, 2019

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What Is Certified Welding?

What Is Certified Welding?

If you talk to fabrication companies in Cleveland, they can verify the demand for welders is above the national average. As senior welders move closer to retiring, they are hoping a new generation steps up and fills their positions in the trades. However, while it is not too difficult to obtain qualified welders, it is not so easy to find someone capable of fulfilling the demand for certified welding.

Certifying Organizations

While some welders have passed their tests at school – both written and practical, this does not make them a certified welder. The same applies to certain code tests on the job. Certified welders are individuals who have gone further than qualifying. They undergo specific practical testing to ensure they know how to weld according to code. In the United States, while several organizations have the ability to provide testing procedures for certification, three are dominant. They are:

  1. The American Welding Society (AWS): The focus of AWS is structural welding. They understand implicitly the codes concerning bridges and other structures.
  2. The American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) Section IX: Instead of buildings, they focus on the codes and certification of welders who work on boilers and pressure vessels.
  3. The American Petroleum Institute (API): As to be expected, their area of core expertise is within their industry, particularly for the welding of pipelines and related items.

Companies may also execute their own certified welding course and exams. Although many companies argue against this type of self-certification, it still plays a significant role in Cleveland and its welding community.

Certified Welding In Cleveland

Welding certifications provide fabrication shop owners with information on the welder they are hiring. The documentation that comes with certification provides a snapshot of the welder’s capabilities. For Cleveland companies striving to gain whatever edge they can in a tight market, promising their customers certified welding services could act in their favor.

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