Jan 20, 2017

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What is bungee jumping adventure?

What is bungee jumping adventure?

Bungee jumping includes leaping from a height linked to a large elastic cord or rope, which is knotted to the feet or more precisely, the ankles. This activity will get your adrenaline thumping and your heart running. And this is one adventure that both young and old are delighted and thrilled about over the last quarter century or so.

Bungee jumping is usually done from tall bridges, building or cranes but these days the attempt can also be made from moving objects such as hot air balloons and helicopters. As the jumper takes a free fall from the height, the rope stretches, the cord bounces and the momentum takes the jumper aloft. This up and down trampoline like crusade continues until the elastic rope loses all its energy. Dashing down from heights may seem terrifying but bungee jumping is completely safe, with a very good safety record. Places where bungee jumping adventure takes place, the operation is run by trained and experienced professionals, using the most reliable, the best equipment and with the most rigorous safety procedures in place. All you need is sufficient amount of nervous energy so that you can make the attempt and not back out.

Bungee jumping adventure requires no experience or skill. You just have to scream your head off while taking a jump down and you’ll surely have a good time doing it. Out of most of the extreme sports, bungee jumping has the least amount of accidents. People usually feel apprehensive about two things. Firstly, the rope might just snap at them. But this is not possible as all commercial bungee jumping ropes are strictly quality tested. Secondly, they are scared of hitting the wall at the back while swinging. The bungee jumping operator has checked the platform away from the cliff and taken care of this possibility. At once in a life we make sure that you enjoy the adventure as much as we enjoy it!

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