Apr 22, 2015

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What is Art Crating?

What is Art Crating?

If you’re new to the world of art, then you’ve probably been coming across a large number of terms that you’ve never heard of before. This is especially true if you’ve gotten into the world of art trading and sales. One of the terms that you’ve probably heard in relation to shipping your art is referred to as “art crating”. Los Angeles is just one of many places where you can get custom art crating done, and there are a few reasons that you may want to do it when you’re sending out your art.

First off, custom art crating in Los Angeles is definitely the way that you want to go when it comes to shipping your art. You know that art is an investment, and it does cost quite a bit of money to get many of the pieces of art that are in your collection. By going through with custom art crating, not only do you ensure that you’re going to have your art well taken care of, you also get the extra cushion of support when it’s being shipped, and you have a much lower chance of your art getting damaged in some way while it’s going on the trip. Even though there are some mass produced crates that are out there that you can use for your art shipping needs, custom crating can ensure that it fits your art piece(s) perfectly and that you don’t have any extra wiggle room where there honestly shouldn’t be any. Plenty of art shipping companies will take care of this for you, and it’s actually a lot more affordable than you’d think it would be.

Art crating in Los Angeles can be done by a number of companies that are out there, but you want to make sure that the company you’re working with has some experience with fine art. Think about all the money you spent to get that piece of art in the first place. How would you feel if an amateur was the one that was trying to make sure that it got crated and such? You may feel nervous, and it may cause you a lot more stress, even if you’re just crating it so that it can get put in a moving van. So, make sure that you look for a company that has a lot of experience with fine art, or one that just does art jobs – that way, you know that they have the skills and experience to be able to take care of your needs.

Art crating in Los Angeles is fairly easy to find nowadays – several companies have taken the time to learn how to do it and take care of a variety of tasks in the world of art. If you still aren’t sure about how the process goes, or you have any questions about it, contact us today. We’ll answer your questions and give you an idea as to how much it may cost you to get a custom crating job done.

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