May 18, 2016

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What Is Armored Cable and When Should You Use It?

What Is Armored Cable and When Should You Use It?

There are many types of wiring and cabling available from a variety of retailers with experience in this area. In fact, one will find different types of wiring used in different applications, including, but not limited to, computer power cabling, network cabling, and electrical wires for the home.

Armored cable is a type of heavy-duty wiring that is often used in industrial applications and in applications where heavy use is expected. It has been used for many decades and is constructed to be highly resistant to impact and impact damage. This makes it ideal for use in industry and specialized equipment that sees heavy use.

The cable itself consists of a bundle of conducting copper wires that are each covered in insulating plastic. This bundle of tightly wound copper is insulated and covered by a metal sheath in some cases and a plastic one in others. The outside sheath is different depending on the use for the cable, and it is possible to find a variety of armored cable for the following uses.

A flexible metal sheath is most often used for cabling that is to be used in industrial applications where impact damage is a real hazard. In use, the metal sheath is there not only to protect the copper from impact damage, but may also resist high pressure water, chemical cleaning agents used in industry, and extreme hot or cold temperatures. In this scenario, the strength of the cable and the resistance of the protective sheath are of paramount importance.

The fact that we can speak to someone across the other side of the world by phone or computer is something that most of us no longer wonder at. But the truth is that these communication signals are carried every minute of every day via heavily shielded undersea cables. Imagine the heavy shielding that must be used to protect these important cables from the harshness of their environment.

Armored cable is an ideal candidate for industrial applications where damage from chemicals, extreme temperatures or impact is common. It also forms the very backbone of our global communications infrastructure, and without it our world would be much quieter indeed!

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