Aug 5, 2014

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What is Anodized Aluminum and What Are Its Benefits?

The process of anodizing is one that has been used for years to return metals to a stronger state. It’s an electrochemical process that can change a metal surface into something that is decorative, durable, and sports a shining finish. Of all materials, aluminum is an especially efficient material choice for anodizing. Other metals are also commonly used. The process involves the anodic oxide structure, which comes from the aluminum substrate. The aluminum oxide is not applied to the surface, but rather is fully integrated with the substrate, ensuring that it does not become damaged.

Some of the more interesting uses for the process include protecting space crafts from the harsh environment, where Anodized aluminum is mostly used in satellites. It was also used in the construction of the Sears Tower.

Aluminum that has undergone the process is extremely durable and is one of the most popular materials used today. It is used in a wide variety of consumer, industrial and commercial products. In fact, it is very likely that you own cookware made with anodized aluminum. It has become a popular option no matter the industry.

Benefits of Anodized Aluminum

There are a number of benefits that anodized materials provide, which have led to it being a popular choice across commercial, industrial and consumer products. Some of the reasons why the product has become so widely used include;

* Durability – It is extremely durable and has a long life. They can help companies to save on operating and maintenance costs. Additionally, it can be effectively integrated into the aluminum for a complete bond and added strength.
* Easily Maintained – The surface is quite easy to maintain. Not only are scars very difficult to create on the material, but typically marks can be removed with nothing more than some soap and water. For difficult scratched, more abrasive cleaners can be used to return the material to its original look.
* Looks – It also looks great. It’s used in kitchenware, in industrial buildings and on metal finishes all over the world. There are many colors that can be chosen from, along with a range of different finishes.
* Cheap – Generally, it is also is much cheaper than other materials that are commonly used in its place. Finishing and maintenance costs can be lowered.
* Safe – As a finished product, is completely safe. The finish is stable and does not decompose over time. It is completely non-toxic.
* Environment – Aluminum is often referenced when discussing the environment for its excellent eco-friendly benefits. Because it is durable, the material is used in a variety of applications. Aluminum is extremely recyclable. According to a study that was released by the Aluminum Association, nearly one-third of all aluminum produced today is made from recycled materials.

Anodized aluminum is an excellent choice for anyone that is looking for a durable material that looks great and can be easily maintained.

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