Oct 23, 2013

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What Is an Emergency Dentist in Woodbury?

There is nothing like having tooth pain and being unable to see your dentist. Tooth pain and other dental conditions can cause you to feel miserable, hoping for relief right away. Some people search for a bottle of pain reliever, hoping to stop the pain until they can see their General Dentist. Though you may find some pain relief, the medication only stops the brain from sending warning signals and the condition is still there. To truly get permanent relief from the pain, you need to be examined by the dentist. When your dentist is not open, consider seeing an Emergency Dentist in Woodbury so you can find the true relief you need.

An Emergency Dentist in Woodbury is much like your general dentist. The main difference is they perform emergency services for acute dental conditions. You do not see these dentists for ongoing care and only see them to stabilize your condition until you are able to seek treatment from your regular dentist. With so many dental services being expanded, many dental clinics now offer emergency hours for their patients who experience pain, injury and the signs of infection. This allows patients to be seen after hours or on weekends so they do not have to wait for regular dental office hours.

Common Conditions Treated by an Emergency Dentist

Pain — Pain can occur in the teeth and the gums. Pain can have many causes and when it is severe, you need treatment right away. A dentist can examine you, perform X-rays and find the cause of your pain so it can be treated. It is better to see an Emergency Dentist in Woodbury and get immediate relief than to have to wait and risk your condition worsening.

Tooth injury — Tooth injuries can occur even when your teeth are healthy, but can also sometimes be an indicator of problems in your teeth. When an injury occurs, you need to make sure you are seen as soon as possible. With prompt dental care, your tooth may be able to be saved.

Infection — Infections can occur in both the teeth and in the gums. A dentist can check the infection and treat it so it does not spread or cause further damage.

If you are in need of emergency dental services, Contact Cross Keys Family Dental today. They can assist you with a variety of dental conditions, improving your smile and your dental health.


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