Dec 11, 2013

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What Is Actually Being Taught In Sacramento Esthetician Schools?

It was only recently that I found out about the existence of Sacramento Esthetician Schools and, since this is California, I guessed these schools must have something to do with yet another new religious fad. As it turned out, my guess was way off target.

An Esthetician Practices Aestheticism

Put it that way and it still sounds vaguely religious or, at least, cultural and arty. Art, is in fact, a good hint towards the key to understanding why Sacramento Esthetician Schools exist. Esthetics is our American way of spelling aesthetics and, at its root, the word does mean anything concerned with beauty or the appreciation of beauty – while the word is often associated with paintings, photographs or sculpture and the like; it covers all aspects of beauty – including the beauty of the human body and face.

And They Do It To Humans

In the States, professionals whose work is aimed at maintaining or improving healthy skin for better appearance are called estheticians and the basic scope of their work is limited to the outer layers of our skin (the epidermis). They are employed in places such as beauty salons; health and wellness spas; skin care clinics; etc. Many of the more successful ones open their own clinics and enter private practice.

But, They Must Be Licensed Professionals

Estheticians have to enroll in specialized courses of a minimum of 260 to 1500 hours of training. They must then pass a written exam plus a hands-on practical exam before they can be licensed by the state. For Sacramento Esthetician Schools, the recognized accreditation for training estheticians is that the school operates to the requirements and standards set by the National Accrediting Commission of Cosmetology Arts and Sciences (NACCAS).

Once licensed, the graduate from one of the Sacramento Esthetician Schools can perform beauty treatments that include:-

1. hair removal by such as waxing, threading, tweezing, etc.,
2. body treatments including chemical exfoliation, wraps, and hydrotherapy,
3. skin care consultations,
4. aromatherapy,
5. eyelash and eyebrow tinting or eyelash extensions,
6. makeup application,
7. facial massage.

Additional training will be required for the more specialized machine treatments like laser hair removal or permanent makeup. There are also extra statutory requirements if an esthetician is working under a doctor or qualified dermatologist for the treatment of skin disorders. However, their starting point is when they enroll in one of the Sacramento Esthetician Schools.

Sacramento Esthetician Schools will teach you all that you need to become a licensed esthetician in California. One of the best is the Paul Mitchell School at 2100 Arden Way, Suite 265 Sacramento, CALIFORNIA 95825. Phone them on 916.646.3523 to find out what they can do for you.

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