Jun 14, 2013

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What is a master plumber?

A master plumber has a license which allows him to install and repair any type of commercial, residential or industrial plumbing. In many cases, the master plumbers in Pleasant Hill work with consulting firms or engineering firms and designs new plumbing systems. Other master plumbers focus on laying and fitting pipes, still others specialize in repair and maintenance of fixtures and appliances. Many master plumbers are self employed or own their own firm of plumbers, they also work for plumbing supply stores and for other contractors.

People who are experts in plumbing are invaluable for the design and construction of large municipal projects such as water systems and sewage treatment plant construction. Many times, civil engineers will work hand in hand with a master plumber when new systems are under consideration, the master can aid in design and also help in estimating the cost to implement the project. Master Emergency Plumbers Pleasant Hill are often the ones called in at the completion of an installation to perform a detailed inspection and to make sure the work and the material is in accordance with the relevant codes.

Master plumbers are in demand during new home construction and during renovations which require the skills of a plumber. For a homeowner who is undertaking a renovation to their bathroom or kitchen, the master plumber will know intuitively how to perform the installation of fittings and appliances. In the event of a problem, such as a clog that cannot be removed by the homeowner, the plumber can inspect the situation, make the diagnosis and fix the problem, replacing components if necessary.

Plumbers are often thought of as people who work with water exclusively; this is far from the truth. Every pipe you see, regardless of what’s in it has been installed by a plumber or pipe fitter. There are miles of pipes installed in industrial plants such as refineries, food processing, paint manufacturing, etc. many master plumbers specialize in industrial installation and repair and avoid residential work. The installation demands for gas, fuel oil and chemicals are different as are the tools that are used. In the case of a refinery, the environment is potentially explosive so the tools of the plumber are usually made of a material that will not cause a spark.e

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