May 6, 2014

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What is a detoxification center?

When a person is struggling with drug or alcohol addiction one of the myriad of treatment options available is to enter a chemical dependency program at a detoxification center. These clinics make attempts at reducing the physical effects of withdrawal, they use counseling and if necessary, prescription drugs as part of the process. A detoxification center is invariably an inpatient center where the counselors and specialists can carefully monitor the patient’s progress and intervene when the difficult process demands attention; this is particularly true during the early stages of withdrawal.

When one is addicted to drugs or alcohol the chemicals in these substances can affect the user’s brain and bodily functions. On a physical level, addiction can retard the body’s ability to produce needed chemicals and processes to function properly, this in turn make the user even more dependent on ever increasing does of the substance. For those people who are seriously addicted, sudden cessation of the introduction of the drug to the body can cause the user to go into shock as the body craves for the chemicals. This can lead to hallucinations, heart attacks and terrible tremors.

The detox center can supervise the dangerous physical effects of withdrawal making sure that there isn’t a relapse or suffering beyond comprehension. Detox centers are usually combined with a chemical dependency program which guides those undergoing withdrawal toward full recovery. Detox gets rid of the physical symptoms associated with substance abuse but it does absolutely noting when it comes to combating the psychological and mental issues that contributed to addiction in the first place. Although an addict can eventually return to society as a contributing member, recovery is a life-long process, a process which demands that addiction be addressed honestly and relapse must be prevented consistently. Detoxification is not a cure for addiction although it can and does remove the damaging physical effects of coming off the substance.

It is important that the recovering addict be guided into long term rehab; many of these programs are available at rehab centers. Part of the responsibility of the rehab center is to observe the recovering addict and to give drug counseling. In this way the professionals at the clinic can consider what the next step in the recovery program should be. Drug and alcohol rehab centers often work in cooperation with detox centers so that the recovering user can have a seamless transfer from detox to rehab, thus preserving the patients focus on recovery.

A chemical dependency program for recovering drug addicts and alcoholics is available at University Behavioral Health of El Paso. The facility is a private psychiatric hospital that provides care for those suffering from dependency problems as well as mental health issues. For more information read more.

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