Dec 20, 2013

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What is a crossbreed?

When two animals of different breeds are bred, the result is a crossbreed, often called a designer dog. It is very common among dog and cat breeders to develop hybrids. When the resultant puppies have unknown parentage they are simply called mutts but when the parentage is selective and the two breeds are well known, the term crossbreed applies. In the case of the Morkie puppies for sale in Westchester NY, they are the results of coupling two well known breeds; the Maltese and the Yorkshire Terrier.

Many breeders will be very selective when purposefully creating a litter of very specific animals. There are many very popular designer dogs, examples being the Cockapoo which is half Cocker Spaniel and half Poodle, Labradoodles which are 50/50 Labrador and Poodle and the Morkie puppies for sale which is 50 percent Maltese and 50 percent Yorkshire Terrier. Although these are examples of finely tuned selective breeding, crossbreeding often occurs accidently, this is far more common with cats than it is with dogs and in the case for horses for example, it is rare for them to be cross bred at all.

There is some controversy about the intentional crossbreeding of animals but the rebuke is that all animals at one time or another were hybrids of two different breeds. Many people are of the opinion that over time the AKC will recognize some of these designer dogs as a unique stand-alone breed.

Many people actually prefer crossbreeds and actively seek them out and they are willing to pay a considerably higher price for them because of their novelty. The Morkie puppies for sale in Westchester NY as well as other crossbreeds often sell for as much or more as a purebred dog of both lineages.

There are those that believe a crossbreed will be healthier and live longer than a purebred. There may or may not be some truth to this but people will prefer the crossbreed over a purebred animal nevertheless. If the resulting crossbreed is not a recognized match, these mutts are often inexpensive and to some people, all they want is a nice dog, mixed breed or not.

Do not mix up a crossbred animal and an inbred. A crossbreed is the result of selective breeding of two different breeds; an inbred animal is the result of breeding dogs that are too closely related to one another

The Morkie puppies for sale in Westchester NY are terriers at heart and as such they will be energetic and investigative. These lovely crossbreeds are available at NY Breeder.


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