May 16, 2013

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What is a Criminal Lawyer in Baltimore?

A Criminal Lawyer is a Lawyer who specializes in defending People and Companies accused of Criminal crimes normally crimes that are going to result in severe punishments such as lengthy prison sentences and or fines such as Sexually violent crimes, Arson, Larceny, Drug offenses, Murder and/or the attempt of and many other non civil and traffic crimes normally handled by standard defense attorneys.

Criminal Lawyer Baltimore sometimes work alone owning their own firm and operating from this place of business and servicing anyone who asks for their services or they can be employed by a judicial system as a court appointed lawyer or sometimes known as public defenders where people that are being charged with criminal crimes who cannot afford or cannot find their own lawyer will be assigned their Lawyer by the court system itself.

Criminal Lawyer Baltimore are essential for the court process and are needed Before charges are even pressed. They can be retained as early as the client needs them such as when he becomes aware of the charges or he or she does something that he knows charges might arise from but, Normally Criminal Lawyers are called on for service when the client is arrested for the crime or brought in for questioning by police.

They are needed for all aspects of the criminal prosecution process after charges have been brought against the person. The first time they will see a judge is during arraignment. Arraignment is when the person that the criminal charges are being pressed against is advised of the charges being pressed against them and their bail is set. They are then needed for the Pre-trial also known as the Preliminary hearing which is held in all criminal felony cases this is when when judge will make any changes necessary to your charges and bail and also evaluate the evidence against the person being charged. They are then needed through the trial itself as they will argue their clients case and negotiate plea bargains and lessor sentencing with the prosecuting attorney. and in the last part of the process sentencing and if needed any appeal processes.

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