Mar 12, 2014

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What Is A Criminal Defense Attorney?

If in front of a judge and jury an individual has been arrested on suspicion of being involved in illegal activities, they become the defendant and they are represented in court by a criminal attorney in Orange County. A criminal attorney is also known as a defense attorney because in a case which involves criminal rather than civil law, the crime is put to the court by the prosecutor. A criminal attorney is charged with the responsibility of representing individuals or companies which have been accused of a crime who decides, after hearing all the evidence, whether the defendant is innocent or guilty.

It must be understood that in the United States justice system a person is considered innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. A criminal attorney in Orange County is aware of thisĀ  and with their intimate understanding of the law, their job is to work with the defendant in an effort to develop the best way of minimizing the consequences should the jury find the defendant guilty as charged. If the defendant is truly innocent of the charge it is the job of the attorney to prove it and to disprove any perceived evidence that the prosecution puts forth.

Those who do commit a serious crime often need a reality check as they may believe that the consequences are minimal, it is the job of the defense attorney to set the client straight on what can actually be the outcome of the trial. Defense attorneys know the law well, they know many little known laws that can be used to help their client; they will use any legal means necessary to prove the innocence of the client.

Criminal attorneys often work with the prosecution negotiating a plea bargain which may either eliminate or at least reduce the amount of jail time the defendant is facing.

The state is obliged to provide an attorney to a person accused of committing a crime in the United States, even though, there are some who decide to represent themselves in front of the judge and jury. This is not a good idea, rarely will the court work with the defendant directly in an effort to reach a deal, the fact is; most defendants make poor attorneys.

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