Mar 26, 2014

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What is a cotton candy machine?

A cotton candy machine is a device that consists of a hot plate and a centrifuge. The machine takes pure sugar and food coloring which is commonly pink, melts it, forces it through tiny holes and turns it into a popular treat that is often seen at carnivals and country fairs.

The machine is a tub which spins rapidly, the operator of the machine pours sugar into the center of the machine where there is a hot plate located. When the sugar hits the hot plate it melts and as the machine is rotating, the liquid sugar is forced through small holes which create minuscule threads of sugar. As these threads emerge from the tiny holes, they quickly cool in the air and then they are thrown to the outside wall of the rotating tub or drum. Using a paper cone, the person who is making the cotton candy slowly twists the cone around the perimeter which results in individual threads of cotton candy to adhere to the paper cone and to each other. The result is a big, fluffy pile of spun cotton candy.

Spun sugar is not new by any means; the concept is centuries-old. Chefs would melt sugar in a small pot or other container; they gathered some on a fork and literally flung it across a larger bowl. The liquid sugar quickly cooled and the chefs used them when creating exotic deserts.

The cotton candy machine as we know it dates back to the turn of the 20th century when a pair of candy makers from the state of Tennessee built a machine which operated pretty much the same as cotton candy machines function today. The product was called “Fairy Floss” and rather than gather it on a paper cone as is done today, the floss was served in wooden boxes. Although the original Fairy Floss was considered very expensive, it still became one of the countries popular treats.

Although there have been minor changes and improvements made to the machines over the last century, the process still heats sugar, spins it, forces it through a fine mesh and cools it in a spinning drum. These machines are very popular at charity events, school events, fairs and carnivals and are often available for rent; there are home versions available as well.

A cotton candy machine is ideal for use at home or at organized events. If you are considering purchasing a cotton candy machine you are invited to look at the range available online from.

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