Oct 28, 2013

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What is a Class 1 Division 2 computer?

When it comes to a Class 1 Division 2 computer, not many people know what it is and the majority will think that it’s some super computer in a large facility that acts like a mainframe. Well, they are right to a certain extent, because such computers have a very well defined scope of use. Most of the times, clients in various industries require such computers because they are perfect for being used in certain areas that are deemed as being hazardous. For instance, D3 has various products in its lineup which are congruent with many environmental classifications, including Division 2 and Class 1 standards.

So what does a Class 1 area refer to? Well, one such area is deemed as being hazardous because of the presence of flammable vapors or gases in the air, like gasoline vapor or natural gas. If these substances are in the air, then there is a high chance of a fire breaking out or even an explosion if they are ignited by an electrical spark or any other ignition source. On top of that, classes are furthermore group-defined.
The good news is that Class one, Division two areas can easily be protected by using the right equipment. Also, while Division 1 environments are going to focus on taking extreme precautions in order to avoid disasters, Division 2 environments don’t need to be as martial with safety precautions. That is why when people will consider equipment for these areas, they’ll need to make sure that it’s Z-purged, non-sparking and non-incendive. The latter basically features electrical circuitry that under normal conditions is incapable of causing ignition of a certain flammable dust-air, air-vapor or gas-air mixture due to thermal means or arcing.
With that being said, this is what people working in various industries with a high level of danger need to know about Class one, Division two computers. Because there are many models with various features, it’s important that everyone who is interested in getting one to do their homework well and see which of the models available on the market are the best for their needs.

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