Nov 5, 2014

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What is a barndominium?

A barndominium in Houston TX is a structure which is a dual purpose building; in most cases the basic structure is a metal building that comprises not only living space but has the added advantage of an incorporated shop, garage or commercial space that can be used for storage and business purposes.

The word “barndominium” is a colorful play on words; it is a little bit like a barn as well as a condominium, these structures are particularly popular in Texas where the concept originated although these buildings are beginning to sprout in many rural areas of the country. These non-traditional structures can be built in literally any size, shape or configuration that the owner wants, not only can these elements vary, the construction materials can vary as well. The most common material is sheet metal siding and roof built over an A-Frame structure however the material can just as well be wood, brick or stone veneer or composite masonry siding. Don’t look for dirt floors, what you will find are the same floors that you would expect in any traditional suburban home.

Many people consider their barndominium in Houston TX as their primary home while others use it as a weekend retreat where they can entertain or simply enjoy the outdoors. People who love horses and live in the city know perfectly well that large animals are not allowed, a barndominium solves the problem, stay in the city during the week and go to the country on the weekends where the horses and tack are all available. A barndominium can just as easily be outfitted with horse stalls and a bay for hay storage as anything else, the beauty of these buildings is that they can be built to satisfy the wants and likes of anyone.

The appeal of a barndominium in Houston TX is not only the versatility; this type of structure is low maintenance, energy efficient which is strong and durable. As the basic idea is based on pole barn construction the building can be designed as a single story unit or it can be built in such a way that the living area is built above the garage, barn or small business. The truss system that is used in pole barn construction allows for maximization of space as it eliminates the need for interior supports and columns. To top it all off a barndominium on Houston TX costs less per square foot of living space than a convention house.

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