What Is A Bail Bonds Keller, TX

Felony and misdemeanor charges vary, and often require different bond amounts. Typically, a higher classification of the felony presents the highest bond value due to violence or risk to the public. A judge determines this value additionally on potential flight risk. Any inmate who may potentially flee is required to pay a higher bond.

A Bail Bondsman Keller, TX is an individual who may work through a company or independently. Some bondsmen perform this service as a second job and are on-call. Companies have more than one agent who issues bonds. They are privately owned and are, in most cases, located near a county jail.

Independent agents work via cell phone and are called as needed. Rates for both types of bondsmen may vary, and availability may be limited. Both perform these services around the clock, as arrests often occur frequently. Usually, there is an after-hours phone number that appears with their listing for such purposes.

County jails also have business cards readily available in their lobby for family members of inmates. Bail Bonds Keller, TX are issued based on the amount of capital utilized as a down payment. When the individual signing the bond does not possess adequate funding, a bond is signed using property as collateral. The drawback on this option is that should the inmate flee; the property owner will lose their property.

This is especially true for high-value bonds. The Bail Bonds Keller, TX is issued as a promise that the inmate will appear in court. Failure means that the full amount of the bond is owed to the court. Seized property is sold to the highest bidder to cover these costs. If the bond does not exceed the overall value of the property, the owner has the option to pay off the bond instead of signing over their property.

However, inmates who do flee receive additional charges. It complicates their trial when it occurs and may result in the appearance of guilty, even if they are innocent. In most cases, he or she is not allowed to post bond again if they fail to appear in court.

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