Dec 22, 2015

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What Homeowners Can Learn from HVAC Contractors

What Homeowners Can Learn from HVAC Contractors

The day is fast approaching when the home heating and cooling system will need to be replaced. Unfortunately, the homeowner does not know the first thing about the units and has never had to deal with replacing a system before. The good news is that any of the HVAC Contractors can step in and guide the homeowner through the process. Here are some of the ways that the expert advice will lead to a viable solution.

Evaluating the Square Footage of the Home
Assuming the unit was in place when the owner purchased the house, it may take a more powerful system to properly heat and cool the space. This is especially true if the present or a past owner added another room after the unit was installed. Before making any recommendations, most HVAC Contractors will want to take a fresh look at the home and the amount of square footage that needs to be heated and cooled. That will go a long way in helping the homeowner to focus in on units that are powerful enough for the job.

Understanding Energy Ratings
The homeowner does grasp the general idea of an energy rating but may not realize how important this piece of information happens to be. As the contractor will explain, a better rating means that the system requires less energy in order to maintain the desired temperature. Thanks to the more efficient consumption of energy, the homeowner can look forward to lower utility bills. That will go a long way in helping the client understand why it would be a better idea to pay a little more and purchase a unit with a better rating.

Thinking About Features
If the older unit has been in place for the better part of two decades, there are plenty of newer features to consider. The contractor can explain how they work and provide the homeowner with some ideas of how to put them to good use. There is a good chance of finding at least one new feature that will save money and make life a little easier.

For help in selecting and installing a new heating and cooling unit, go to and arrange for a contractor to visit the home. After going over some basics, it will be easy to settle on the right replacement and set a date for the system to be installed.

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