What Hair Stylist Employees In Colony Tx Remember Most About Clients

Your hair stylist in Colony Tx will remember certain things about you. While it may not matter much, you may want to change the way you act or talk when in a salon, to ensure that they say good things instead of bad ones. It can be a little embarrassing to realize you do make faux-pas, but it never hurts to learn about them and try to change.

Better Prices

Though it can be nice to see discounts, haggling for better prices will get you remembered. Asking about specials or certain discounts that may be allowed is different, but you should never ask to have a different price than everyone else just because you don’t want to pay that much.


Tress trauma is going to be remembered, whether you like it or not. While small problems, such as a hideous set of bangs may not make the remembrance hall of fame, a bad dye job anything else to do with chemicals will be remembered. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, and you still have to get it fixed, but you may find that they remember it when you come back.


You will be remembered as the client who cancelled at the last minute, whether you had a good reason or not. If you have to cancel, you should try to give a 24-hour notice so that someone else can be booked into that time slot. Try with all your might not to have to cancel an appointment.

Something Wrong

If they happen to make a mistake with your tresses, they will always remember it. Hairstylists in Colony Tx understand that your head is their portfolio, and if they make mistakes, it reflects poorly on them. Make sure you tell them exactly what you want and what has happened in the past, so they don’t mess up.


Loyal clients are like gold to hairstylists. If you find a salon and are loyal to them, meaning you always use the same place, tell others of their abilities and don’t get too upset if you have to wait or there are other problems, you will be in their best books and they’ll remember you for the right reasons. This may also allow you to get away with cancellations or tipping poorly, to some degree though you should still tip well and refrain from cancelling.

Your hair stylist The Colony Tx will remember much about you and may even make notes for future reference. Go and visit Evelyn Kershaw Salon today to learn more about their services.

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