Mar 3, 2014

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What Goes Into Repairing House Foundations in Oklahoma City

Repairing a home that’s experiencing foundation problems can be difficult depending on the extent of the damage. Foundation problems can cause floorboards to creak, walls to crack, and problems with opening and closing doors and windows. Let’s take a look at the process some contractors use in order to repair house foundation in Oklahoma City.

For starters, homeowners should know that these problems don’t take a few minutes to repair. Contractors will send an inspector to examine the problem areas around your home and foundation. These inspections can last for about two hours and are usually conducted free of charge. The inspector will use special equipment to make a note of what exactly needs to be done in order to level your home, and repair the damage that’s been done.

Most foundation repairs take only a couple of days to complete, however, if the damage is severe it can take much longer. The ultimate goal of most contractors is to return the level of your home to it’s original position. This will require jacking and lifting up certain areas of the home from underneath. A lot of the work will be done in the crawl space under the home as well as the side of the foundation.

After all of the leveling is done, contractors will begin making the necessary repairs around the home. For instance, after the home is leveled patching cement might be used in order to fill in certain cracks left in the foundation. If you’d like, contractors will even do work on the walls that have experienced cracks. Some services provide assistance with repairing floorboards that have broken or that have been damaged due to the shifting foundation. Although these services are offered they’ll likely require additional fees.

Homeowners should expect some additional damage when services repair house foundation in Oklahoma City. Often times damage is done to the surrounding landscape because of the workers and equipment. Most services will try their best to avoid disturbing the surrounding property. However, if damage does happen these services may offer assistance in making additional repairs.

Visit for more information on foundation problems and repairs. You can speak to a contractor about scheduling an appointment with an inspector.

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