What Factors Go Into the Cost of a New Roof?

If you are in the market for a new roof in New Jersey, you may have already found a few possible roofing companies or even received estimates. But the estimates may be hundreds or even thousands of dollars apart! What kinds of factors go into calculating the cost of a new roof?

Old Roof Removal

Costs can be greatly impacted by the first step in the process: removal of your old roof. If your underlayment is in good shape, you may only need to remove a portion of the roofing. If you have any damage or already have multiple layers of shingles, you may require a complete tear-off, which will add to your overall project cost.

New Roof Materials

This is an area where you can help control the total cost of your roofing job, since you can select your materials from a wide variety, based on your priorities. If you’d like something simple, you can go with asphalt shingles. If you’re looking for something more unique, you can consider slate or wood shingles, but remember these will be more expensive both to purchase and to install.

Size of New Roof

The larger the square footage of your roof, the more shingles and other materials you will need. You’ll also require more installation time.

Roof Pitch and Slope

Sharp angles and steep slopes are challenging to navigate for crews, and you will end up paying for extra setup and installation costs.

Other Installation Obstacles

You may have extra roof vents or require ice dams, which will add to your roofing installation cost. Also, if your home is in an area where buildings are spaced very close together, it may incur an extra charge to get a crew and equipment set up effectively.

Be sure to consider many different estimates when pricing out your roofing job so that you can get the most for your money!

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