Apr 1, 2013

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What Exactly Is Air Conditioner Service?

When you speak of air conditioner service in Dallas, you are really describing a job that is performed by technicians who are engaged in the maintenance of air conditioning equipment, which is located in homes, offices or public buildings. The idea of air conditioning service is to avoid breakdowns and failure by doing regular scheduled checks on installed systems, replacing components as needed as well as installing replacement systems when the current one has seen the end of its useful life.

Often, the company that sells and installs the new system will offer service contracts that specify the ongoing schedule and scope of work. The service contract will include annual or twice yearly service inspections of the system. The contract may include other variables such as the inclusion of minor repairs at no additional charge or the replacement of components under warranty at no additional charge for labor. The idea of a service contract is to ensure that the equipment will be kept in top operating condition, and that it runs at peak efficiency. Air conditioner service Dallas area may also be augmented with a membership plan which guarantees priority scheduling in the event of an unforeseen failure, a discount on parts and a guarantee on the work done. There may be additional benefits to a membership arrangement depending on the circumstances and each situation needs to be evaluated.

A contract for a air conditioner service in Dallas plan assures that all working components of the system get routine, periodic investigation and evaluation. All the components that go into making the system function will be checked, including the motors and ducting. Prior to the actual service, the technician will run the system and perform specific checks with various instruments unique to the trade. These tests will help in identifying any potential problems, which can then be looked into in depth. By investing in contracted periodic service the potential of major costly damage can be mitigated.

Many new installations come packaged with one year free service as part of the package. Once the first free service has been completed the owner is now free to extend the service with air conditioner service, the original contractor, or to seek other proposals. As with many things, an automobile for example, service may be best done by the original supplier due to their intimate knowledge of the equipment and the installation, plus they carry OEM components for replacement purposes. The cost of a service contract can comfortably offset by the labor costs of an emergency call-out or the need to replace a defective component that is not covered by the contract.

The level of service oftentimes varies from one contractor to another so a complete understanding of the contract is necessary.

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