What Every UK Consumer Should Know Before Buying Silestone Kitchen Worktops

When it comes to choosing a kitchen countertop and workspace material, consumers have lots of different options these days. Some people like natural stone or luxurious counter surfaces like marble, granite or onyx. Others prefer a kitchen worktop surface material that doesn’t require that much cleaning and upkeep over the years. Silestone is popular because of its durable quality, color options and easy-care requirements. Here’s what every UK consumer should know before buying Silestone kitchen worktops.

Is Silestone the Same as Quartz?

Beautiful Silestone kitchen worktops are all the rage here in the UK and around the globe. These worktops are man-made quartz stone mixed with granite or other crushed stone and a pop of color and resin for increased strength and richness of the desired hue. Consumers will find that they can get a more overall uniform shade and pattern without needing to match up things exactly.

Silestone Should Be Used Only Inside for Best Results

Although outdoor kitchen areas are becoming very popular with many homeowners, Silestone is not the best choice for that purpose. Although Silestone is made to be durable, strong and easy to maintain, if left exposed to harsh natural sunlight and weather conditions, the resin in the material may begin to fade. In most cases, the amount of light that comes into the kitchen windows is generally safe.

Use a Cleaner Designed for Stone Surfaces

Silestone should be cleaned with a natural stone cleaner to avoid chips and scratechs. Contact

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