May 30, 2014

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What Does It Mean to Be a Guardian to a Minor or Ward?

It is often necessary to become a guardian to a minor after they have lost a parent, or both parents due to death or abandonment. A competent adult is then charged with the guardianship of the minor and is expected to care for the child from that point forward until they reach the age of eighteen. In other cases a guardianship pertains to caring for the elderly, or incapacitated that are no longer able to care for themselves independently. A guardianship does not pertain to taking care of their finances, but instead it is in regards to caring for the person. It is imperative for a petitioner to be familiar with the process and the legalities of being granted legal guardianship.

Guardians Look after People

Although a guardian and conservator can be the same person, a conservator handles the financial side concerning property, and annual budgets for an individual. A guardian is responsible for the care and well-being of a person in their charge. This includes making sure their ward is the recipient of daily care, support and supervision. These responsibilities where a minor is concerned include keeping them clothed, fed, providing a roof over their head, and maintaining social and scholastic activities. The responsibilities for a ward differ somewhat, and include support and participation in making healthcare choices, and choosing care providers that are long-term.

A Guardian Needs to Provide Continuous Care

A minor or ward needs to be provided with consistent and continuous care. Although the guardianship process may seem to be difficult, it is not impossible to be awarded guardianship with the correct type of legal representation in place. Professional attorneys understand how each step works and can advise you concerning the proper steps to obtain legal guardianship of a ward or minor. The outcome tends to be positive when you are afforded experienced legal advice that helps the process go smoothly. You need the proper legal guidance to assure a positive outcome that suits both you, and the ward or minor you are attempting to help.

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