Jul 8, 2014

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What does an immigration attorney do?

An immigration attorney is a lawyer that deals with the complexities of immigration law. An immigration attorney on Long Island has a number of primary duties; helping clients apply for visas, fighting deportation orders and working with companies with international expansion plans to manage their immigration problems. Although the immigration attorney these and many other functions one of the most important jobs is to assist his or her clients in understanding the complex laws and procedures and to ensure they are given the legal expertise that they need to have the best chance of a successful and quick solution to their problems.

Some immigration attorneys will further focus their practice on certain issues, perhaps issues concerning visas and other permits required by immigration. Some of the common tasks that the attorney will face is obtaining visas for family members, extending expired work or student visas and advocating for an individual who is fighting the unlawful denial of a visa. In addition to going to court the attorney will spend time liaising with immigration officials. The same attorney will see to it that the clients are filling out the immigration forms needed for a visa correctly and in a timely fashion.

An immigration attorney on Long Island may spend her entire career fighting for the rights of clients who have been handed an unlawful deportation order. The attorney will spend time with the client, explaining the process of deportation and to ensure that any and all legal proceedings a conducted within the constraints of existing law and the proceedings are conducted fairly.

On the other side of the coin is the government, immigration attorneys also work on behalf of the government, assisting law enforcement personnel in their effort to see that an immigrant who has falsified application information or broken laws are not allowed to remind in the country. In many cases an immigration attorney will be on hand when the deportation order is carried out to ensure that the deportee is being treated humanely and in complete accordance with existing laws.

The world of immigration law in the US is constantly evolving; an immigration attorney on Long island must keep fully informed of the law for the benefit of the client. These attorneys often have to deal with people who do not have a command of the language and are extremely anxious about the immigration process. A commitment to helping others as well as excellent communication skills are important assets for an immigration attorney.

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