Jun 13, 2018

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What Does a Hosted VoIP Phone System Provide in Fort Worth?

What Does a Hosted VoIP Phone System Provide in Fort Worth?

If you are looking for an IP-based phone system for your business that is hosted by an Internet service provider, then consider a hosted VoIP phone system. Fort Worth businesses can connect their phones to a provider of VoIP hosted services through the Internet and take advantage of such features as extension dialing, Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN), voicemail to email, auto attendance, and call routing rules, among others.

High Quality and Reliable

You may have a question as to whether these systems are high quality and reliable. If you have had experience with a free VoIP service such as that provided through Skype or Google Voice, you may have been disappointed with the quality. Those are free services and as the saying goes, you get what you pay for.

However, you can find a hosted VoIP phone system that does provide excellent quality and is reliable. These systems offer various capabilities including high-definition voice, video conferencing, and deep data integrations.

Due to the advantages in terms of cost of using the identical physical network that your computer uses along with the other advancements provided by the technology, many businesses have adopted VoIP phone systems.

Requirements for Hosted VoIP Phone Systems

These systems generally require elements to operate successfully. They include:

Solid Internet Connectivity

An important aspect of successful hosted VoIP service is to have a quality Internet connection. If you have more than one found in a particular office, you will benefit from business grade broadband to ensure the necessary bandwidth and quality service.

VoIP Phones

IP phones are recommended with hosted VoIP phone systems. These phones may include software phones or desk phones with Ethernet ports. You may be able to use analog telephone adapters with some hosted VoIP providers, but you will be limited as to the phone capabilities. The analog devices will not be able to provide high-definition voice.

Solid Router

Business grade routers are essential for offices using hosted VoIP. The amount of traffic business will handle may overwhelm a residential router.

If you are uncertain about your router in connection with your hosted VoIP phone system, contact your communications provider.

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