Dec 18, 2015

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What Do White Collar Crimes Lawyers in Bel Air, MD Do?

What Do White Collar Crimes Lawyers in Bel Air, MD Do?

White collar crimes are typically crimes committed by a higher-up in a corporation or by someone who is a high-level employee with the government. These crimes are non-violent and are done for financial gain. White collar crimes can include embezzlement and scams. Typically, the amount a person can gain from these types of crimes is incredibly high and the sentences can be severe if they are caught. Anyone who is charged with a white collar crime will want to contact one of the white collar crimes lawyers in Bel Air, MD as quickly as possible.

Investigate the Charges

When a person thinks of investigations, they typically think of the police force and the prosecution. A criminal defense attorney will investigate on their own and try to find any evidence that might help their client during the case. This could be in the form of witness statements, physical evidence, or any other type of evidence the lawyer can find.

Prepare the Defense

With all the evidence from the prosecution and what they have discovered through their own investigations, the lawyer will prepare the defense. They’ll work hard to look through every angle possible to see if there’s a way to have evidence dismissed so the charges will be dismissed or if there’s a way to mitigate the evidence against their client to obtain a not-guilty verdict. They may also work to see if a plea deal would be beneficial or if it’s better to fight the charges.

Advise Their Client

Throughout the court case, the lawyer will advise their client on what to say if they are questioned by the media, the police, or the prosecutor to help them navigate the damage done to their reputation and protect them from saying anything that could be incriminating. The lawyer will also advise them on how to handle the case, whether to take a plea deal, and more.

This is just an overview of the tasks done by white collar crimes lawyers in Bel Air, MD while helping their client. A lawyer like Maria Caruso will work hard to defend their client from the charges against them to hopefully have them found not guilty or, if they are found guilty, to minimize the penalties they receive.

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