Jan 6, 2015

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What Do Social Security Attorneys Do?

There is a program administered by the United States Federal Government that provides financial support to people who have retired and those who unfortunately suffer from a physical or mental disability, the program is called Social Security and was originally conceived and implemented in 1935.

If the individual is applying for retirement benefits the process is extremely simple and rarely does an applicant run across any problems, this is not the case however when the applicant is trying to qualify for disability benefits. Most people find that turning to Social Security attorneys in Missouri to be very beneficial as the attorney is intimate with the complexities of Social Security law.

People who have not yet reached the age of retirement and can prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that they suffer from a physical or mental disability and the disability stops them from earning a living may be able to get SSDI, Social Security disability insurance. The amount of money that one is eligible for depends on the amount of money the applicant made while gainfully employed prior to the disabling event. Making application for SSDI can be extremely complex and frustrating, the application must be supported with documented evidence of the disability as well as prove that he or she has amassed sufficient work credits to qualify at all. For those that have not accrued enough work credits to be eligible for SSDI they may be eligible for SSI, Supplemental Security Income which is another program administered by the government.

Very few people would know whether they are eligible for benefits or not, the criteria are very strict and difficult to understand. Even those applicants who hire an attorney at the beginning of the process are not guaranteed acceptance but the chances are far better with an attorney than without. Almost 75 percent of the applications for benefits that are made independently are denied. Social Security attorneys in Missouri can be of great help during the appeals process, when the applicant is accompanied by an attorney to the appeal the greatest majority are approved. The chances of winning benefits at appeal without the assistance of an attorney are very low indeed.

A seasoned Social Security attorney will normally meet the applicant’s doctors and at times other individuals or service providers which are related to the claim. Those attorneys that familiarize themselves with their client’s disability are in a far better position to present arguments which are informed and support the application. For more information visit the site http://grundydisabilitygroup.com

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