Apr 5, 2013

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What do riggers have to do with equipment moving?

Depending on the industry in which he works, a rigger can do a number of different things. Riggers are found in many industrial sectors, including, the movie industry, manufacturing, military, maintenance and repair and they work for heavy equipment movers in Fort Worth.

The term “rigger” harks back to the days of sailing ships when the riggers were those sailors responsible for setting the sails. The lines which were used to hold and control the sails was called “the rigging,” hence the term. The skills the riggers leaned were useful on land as well as the sea.

The days of setting sails and climbing in the rigging are long gone, but riggers are not. Riggers today work mostly with Heavy equipment movers in Fort Worth and those companies who deal with the placement of these massive pieces of machinery. The equipment that modern day riggers use would still look familiar to those riggers of old; block and tackle is still a favored tool used in placing equipment.

As well as block and tackle, modern machinery setters use cranes, fork lift trucks and machinery dollies. Rigging is a learned skill, there is no such thing as “rigging college,” this is learned from the days of apprenticeship, through journeyman and finally a master rigger. The master rigger takes the responsibility of determining the methods that will be employed to move and site the machine, many weighing hundreds on tons.

Equipment movers in Fort Worth – are called into play in the entertainment industry where huge sets have to be transported to suit the scene. The riggers will often travel to location or they can be stationed in a certain production facility. As heavy load movers, riggers in the entertainment industry also use heavy equipment to deal with their tasks.

Although the skill has nothing to do with moving and setting equipment, riggers in the military have a more personal task, one which involves life and death daily. Military riggers are charged with the responsibility of packing parachutes, this takes a very sharp eye and it means paying very close attention to all the details. All safety issues have to be fully addressed prior to any chute being deployed.

Riggers in the heavy move sense also work for the military. Riggers are called in should a navel vessel run aground. The riggers will determine the best way to remove the crippled vessel, even if it means cutting it into sections, rigging each section and lifting with giant sea going cranes.

Whenever heavy equipment movers in Fort Worth are called upon to do their job, you can almost be certain that there will be riggers involved. They will undertake the loading, unloading and placing of the equipment.

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