Apr 14, 2016

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What do fire protection contractors do?

What do fire protection contractors do?

In general, fire protection contractors provide advice on system design, components and fire system installation. As well as this, a fire protection installation company provides services including inspection, system maintenance and repair. The specialist contractors are engaged by engineering and architectural firms as well as existing companies that have unique fire protection requirements. The term “fire protection” is that which is commonly used to describe technologies that warn people of an impending danger, minimize the spread of a fire as well as suppress the blaze.

Fire system equipment:

There are a number of primary types of fire protection equipment which include but are not necessarily limited to alarms, automatic sprinkler systems and fire extinguishers. A fire system installation company in NJ is often tasked to design and implement systems using this type of equipment.

The tasks of the contractors and installers:

The primary task of fire system contractors and installers is to design specific suppression systems which take into account the unique needs of the structure and the contents of the building. There are companies that use open flame or intense heat in the manufacture of their product, designing an effective system for companies of this nature is very demanding as there are very specific challenges. The fire protection contractors often work with the building designers or the company official responsible for facility management. Once they contractor understands the processes involved, the fire risks and the type of fire they are in a position to offer their proposal for design, supply and installation of a system.

There are times when the solution uses only one types of protection system, but normally the engineers utilize a combination of those solutions available. In the greatest majority of commercial and industrial installations the system includes alarms, automatic sprinkler systems and fire extinguishers strategically located throughout the building. All major insurance companies will demand that an effective fire protection system be installed and operating before they will insure the premises. The fire system installation company in NJ often works closely with the insurer, providing the design for review and approval before installation commences.

Maintenance and inspection:

The same fire system installation company in NJ that did the original installation is often contracted to perform annual maintenance and inspection. The company will, on a contractual basis, review the system and report any issues that may be of concern. As fire protection rules and regulations change periodically, it is in the best interest of the property owner or manager to ensure that the existing system complies with any regulatory changes.

If you are looking for a fire system installation company in NJ you are invited to contact Newark Professional Fire Protection Corp. The company can design and install state of the art systems in residences as well as commercial and industrial buildings.

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