What Dentists Wish Their Patients Did

Dentists are an important part of your dental care and help keep your teeth, gums, and mouth healthy. However, they are not miracle workers and the bulk of the responsibility for your dental health lies with you. Dentists in Wood Dale and the surrounding area can help you take care of your teeth but there are three main areas they wish you would be more proactive:

Cleaning– Cleaning has to be done on a daily basis, it cannot be done whenever you feel like it and the annual or bi-annual cleanings by your dentist is not enough to keep your teeth healthy all year round. Most dentists say their patients are not pro-active enough and do too little to keep their teeth as clean as they should. Brushing and flossing should be done on a daily basis and all general dental care instructions need to be followed as well.

Eating– Many dentists complain that a good number of their patients are sabotaging their dental care efforts by the choices they make with what they eat and drink. Chewing ice or hard candy can chip and damage teeth. Drinks like tea and wine can stain teeth and discolor them. Some foods are higher in carbs and sugars which can cause bacteria to grow along the tooth surface if proper cleaning routines are not followed.

Appointments– It is important to keep all appointments scheduled by your dental expert team so that they can take care of your unique needs and concerns. Skipping appointments is setting yourself up for problems and many dentists in Wood Dale and other areas report that this is one of the most common problems they have with their patients.

To find out more about how to work with your dentist to maintain optimal dental health, contact Brian Homann DDS today and set up a consultation appointment with his team.

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