What Constitutes A Dental Emergency In Chicago?

Most people get medical and dental emergency criteria confused and most people don’t understand what constitutes a crisis. While a medical crisis is some kind of condition that holds an immediate threat to your limbs, vision, life or health, a mouth crisis may not be as clear. With these types of emergencies, you may have a broken tooth, be in pain, have roots or nerves exposed or have bone showing from inside the mouth.

Non-Emergency Problems

Many dentists understand the need to look as good as possible, especially when it comes to the smile. However, cosmetic problems, such as losing a crown, filling or bridge may not constitute a crisis. While it may look bad and feel strange, if it doesn’t cause real pain, it may not fit as a crisis.

Many times, dentists agree that if you are ready to go to your dentist at any time, night or day and pay slightly higher prices, this constitutes a real problem because you are showing that you don’t care because of pain or any other reason.

Dental Trauma

Traumas with the teeth can be very serious and require quick care. Sometimes, injuries will happen to the pulp or tissues in the mouth, which can cause problems or pain. A crown infraction doesn’t require immediate treatment unless it has cracked down into the gum and is causing pain.

Typically, enamel fractures don’t require quick care, nor does a crown or root fracture. However, anytime you are in pain you do want to see the dentist to ensure that nothing is very wrong. Most dentists will offer crisis care whether it is strictly needed or not.

Periodontal Emergency

Concussions, sublaxation, extrusions and avulsions are all considered periodontal tissue injuries. Most of these problems do not require immediate treatment and are considered cosmetic, for the most part. If the tooth has not been knocked out of the mouth, there is likely no reason to worry. However, you may feel pain and if you take pain relieving medicines that don’t help, you may want to schedule a visit with your dentist.

Restorative Emergencies

Restorative problems aren’t typically consider crises, but many dentists will offer crisis management. For example, broken or lost fillings, tooth cracks, broken crowns, broken dentures and loose implants may be uncomfortable, but may not cause pain.

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