Apr 9, 2015

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What Comprises a Good Website Design?

If you have a company or a service, you need an online presence. This means having a webpage or website. This is valid across the country from New York to Los Angeles. Website design is a crucial component of making sure you reach the people you need to. Yet, what constitutes a good website design? How can you create a good impression on the first people who view it and on all those who follow?


If there is anything that comes immediately to mind when you consider putting together a website, it is looks. Aesthetically, a website, or webpage, has to look good. How it appears is what catches our eye first. In Los Angeles, a website design must draw the eye, but it also must be organized so the appearance is one that is practical as well. I tis practical in the sense that it helps lead the visitor through the page and does not overwhelm or confuse him or her.


It matters not how aesthetically pleasing a website is if a visitor cannot find their way in and out and around it easily and quickly. Ease of navigation is a hallmark of a good website design. It makes for a better experience and a memorable one for all the right reasons. While fancy typefaces and shapes and forms may liven up a page, they may not act as a beneficial tool for the visitor. Keeping it simple or making sure the layout is clearly noted and accessible, makes the visit a pleasurable one – one that encourages visitors to come again.


People are drawn by the visuals on a page. They can excite, stimulate, soothe and create other affects. The internet is a visual medium. In Los Angeles website design agencies need to take note of this and employ it appropriately. It is possible to include videos, slideshows, photo galleries and even links to such sites as YouTube. However, it is also important to remember not to let the visuals overtake common sense and overwhelm the website.

Written Content

The content of a website is important. The written content is doubly so. I tis important that you employ writers who can communicate what is required in a pithy fashion. For example, in Los Angeles, website design agencies understand the need to employ SEO effectively. They also realize the need to keep the message short and to the point accompanying the text with sufficient visuals to present an uncluttered webpage.

Website Design – All Together Now

From New York to Los Angeles, website design agencies are more than well aware of the need for a company or individual to put together a design that is capable of two major goals. The site will draw to it the targeted traffic the company or service needs to make their business a success or grow. It will also be executed in such a fashion that the visitor will want to stay. If the website design fails to meet these goals, it will not succeed in translating visits to sales. The company will then have to rethink its strategy and go back to the design board once again.

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