Dec 11, 2014

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What Can A Social Security Attorney Do For You?

Social Security is a program of the US government, it is designed to provide certain financial support to people who have reached retirement age or have been deemed to be physically or mentally disabled. There is rarely a problem when applying for retirement benefits, the entire process is straight forward; all a person has to do is present his or her social security card, answer a few straight forward questions and wait for about three months for the benefits to start. This unfortunately is not the case when attempting to qualify for disability benefits, things get complicated and it’s a good idea to get help from a Social Security attorney in El Monte.

The problem exists for people who are younger than retirement age. If they can prove they are either physically or mentally disabled then they may be eligible for Social Security disability insurance. This payment is all dependent on the total income earned while gainfully employed but prior to becoming disabled. To participate in SSDI, the applicant must prove that they have accumulated enough credits to qualify; if they have not accumulated sufficient credits then they may qualify for a fixed amount of Supplemental Security Income, SSI.

Very few people other than a Social Security attorney in El Monte are intimate with Social Security’s criteria to be eligible for disability payments. Statically; even when the individual making application for Social Security is represented by a capable attorney, the chance of success on the initial application is around 25 to 30 percent. After the initial application has been denied the applicant and his attorney can appeal and even on appeal before an administrative law judge, the chances go up to about 66 percent that the application will be granted. When an individual attempts to make claim without the help of an attorney the chances of success are extremely low.

It is important for the disabled applicant to win his claim for benefits, without them many disabled people will have no way of providing even the most basic form of support for themselves and their family. The intervention of an attorney increases the chances of success dramatically. Once they are approved for SSDI or SSI the disabled person can also apply for Medicare and Medicaid if the disability is considered lifelong. These medical benefits help with the long term medical care that will be required for the rest of the claimant’s life.

If you are about to prepare an application for Social Security disability benefits you should seriously consider hiring a Social Security attorney in El Monte. Call the Law Offices of Norman J. Homen today for a free consultation.

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