Oct 15, 2013

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What Can A Personal Injury Lawyer In Ohio Do For You?

Personal injury can strike anyone; whether you live in Ohio or elsewhere, no one is totally immune. We all hope to be spared but, there are so many pitfalls in modern life that can catch us unawares. Even bodily injury is far from rare; “things” can make us fall or trip over, motor vehicles can collide with us, other “things” can fall on us – the daily opportunities for something or someone to hurt us are alarmingly high.

Severe vs. Minor Injury

If all we were to suffer was a scraped knee or torn trouser leg, then, we would probably shrug off the incident and pay for treatment and repairs out of our own pocket – likewise with minor damage to our vehicle or other property.

However, if our injury requires medical treatment or even hospitalization, then the cost to us is likely to escalate (possibly beyond the resources of our income and savings). We may be able to pay for a new tail light but can we afford major auto body repairs? Whenever the costs start to escalate, our minds are likely to come up with the thought – “who can we sue?”

Can We Get Compensation?

Anyone can sue anyone else but the uppermost question has to be – “what are the chances of winning the suit?” Followed by – “once won, what amount is likely to be awarded as damages?” This is where you need to discuss the situation with a Personal Injury Lawyer In Ohio and, on their advice, hire an attorney to take your case to court. It is rare for the facts in a personal injury dispute to be crystal clear in favor of one side or another. That something took place is not in doubt but the reasons why it took place and the extent of the damage it caused are very much open to dispute; your Personal Injury Lawyer In Ohio will be able to advise you on the chances of your version of the facts being able to be presented in a winning manner.

Even then, nothing is certain so the lawyer may well ask you for a contingency payment to cover expenses and then, rather than professional fees, the lawyer may propose an arrangement whereby he takes a percentage of any damages he may be able to win for you.

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